UniAction is a registered charity whose mission is to raise awareness of social issues such as diversity and inclusion, poverty, access to education and health. We also want to help newcomers to support them in their transition and integration into Quebeckers and Canadian society.


In June 2018, UniAction announced a major fundraising campaign for the establishment of a center and transitional residence offering integrated services to support newcomers who are in a precarious situation.


Awareness programs on topics related to diversity and inclusion: Living together in peace, LGBTQ in cultural communities, Women in precariousness


We support school perseverance by awarding scholarships to young people from disadvantaged families.

We offer training to achieve financial independence.


We created the UniAction Mobile Cabaret.

We offer our senior artists the opportunity to pursue their passion.

We bring well-being to seniors in residence.

Real Change From The Inside Out


Being a refugee and immigrant at a very young age, I understood the chance of having a second chance in life thanks to the courage and sacrifice of my parents. So, giving to the next has always been part of my life.

There are many causes that are important to me and so in 2014, I founded UniAction. The mission is to help the poorest, but the projects have been diverse and continue to evolve according to societal challenges. Today, the objective has been refined because UniAction is keen to help support newcomers in their transition and integration into society. In addition, through its subsidiary UniAction Films, certain societal issues are put forward.

I believe that together we can make a positive difference in people’s lives and in society!

Thi Be Nguyen
President and Founder

Our Partners

UNIACTION wouldn't be possible without the help of our partners.

May 16: International Day of Living Together in Peace

In May 2018, UniAction inaugurated the International Day of Living Together in Peace by organizing the Conference on Spirituality and Living Together in Peace in the presence of Sheikh Khaled Bentounes, the initiator of the adopted International Day of Living Together in Peace movement. by the United Nations on January 15, 2018. UniAction presented him with the Peace Prize to recognize his commitment. We believe in living together in peace, in dialogue and in making positive gestures to create a better future!

Participate in the creation of the UniAction book on Living together in peace. Send us your poem, quote or story and perhaps be lucky enough to be selected for publication in our book. Please fill out either the PDF or Word document form below.

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UniAction Films

UniAction Films is a registered producer and distributor in the film industry. We produce, promote, distribute and commercialize films and documentaries that bring awareness to social issues related to poverty and intergration in the world.

How can you help?


You can help UniAction in different ways!

  • Organize a fundraizing event
  • Become a mecena or donor
  • Become a volunteer 
  • Become a partner
  • Sponsor our events

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