UniAction Center and
Residence for New Comers

15758 Boul Gouin O, Sainte-Geneviève, QC H9H 1C4 – Canada (Opening soon)


On June 2018, UniAction has announced it will start a major project in the West Island of Montreal. It will start a private and corporate major fundraising campaign of $ 2 million over 5 years to establish a center and residence offering integrated services and programs to help and support newcomers in their transition and integration into Quebec and Canadian society.

The Center’s objectives are:

  1. Offer integrated services: To offer multiple services such as the basics of getting their immigration/citizenship work papers ready, understanding education, health, financial systems in Quebec and Canada, and much more. This aims to help and orient any new comers toward the right resources, thus allowing them a smooth integration to Quebec and Canada.
  2. A transition home and year round program: To offer a transition housing for one year with continuous support through a year’s program of integration to Quebec and Canada for underprivileged family and individuals.
  3. Entrepreneurship and finding work training programs.


The UniAction Center will open in 2022. It is a safe and welcoming place where new comers in a precarious situation will be able to find help and support to facilitate their integration and installation.


On the first floor, you can find all the resources to help you. A computer space will also be accessible to newcomers.
There will also be an eco-responsible and fair-trade gift shop to support workers and artisans abroad. It will also finance the Center and UniAction programs.

On the second floor, you will find an adaptable room between a multimedia room for conferences, trainings and workshops, but also a space to host events such as fundraising, cocktails, art exhibitions and more.


The second phase of the project is the construction of an extension on the back side of the initial building.

This extension will be a transitional residence welcoming up to 10 immigrant single-parent mothers.
These women will have access to one-year support in UniAction programs that will allow better integration and adaptation to Quebec society.


The construction of the extension will begin in 2024.   

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