Our Goals

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UniAction is a registered charity whose mission is to raise awareness of various societal issues such as diversity and inclusion, poverty, access to education, health and the environment.


  1. Our goal is to help newcomers by supporting them in their transition and integration into Quebec and Canadian society.
  2. Also, offer transitional accommodation for single mothers and support them towards financial independence.

Our Values

| Living Together

Form of social cohesion and solidarity, tolerance and civility in an environment of social and cultural diversity.

| Respect

Consideration of the rights and interests of other individuals and their cultures.

| Inclusion

Allows to create an environment where all people can participate fully in society, according to a principle of equal rights and are respected in an equitable manner.

| Mutual Aid

Mutual assistance between one and the other, immigrants and non-immigrants, where the notions of sharing, exchange, support and openness are put forward.

| Social Impact

Set of transformations and effects of an organism’s actions on its environment over the long term.

| Sustainable Development

Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs by integrating ecological and social constraints into the development of society.




UniAction was founded in 2014 by Thi Be Nguyen after being inspired by his multiple social commitments with various foundations for more than 15 years.


In September 2014, UniAction organized its first banquet for the benefit of the 60 Million Girls Foundation to raise awareness about the education of young girls in Africa. This evening was able to raise $ 25,000 for the cause. This banquet became the Lantern Ball, an annual gourmet dinner that raised over $ 100,000. Since 2018, personalities were honored such as Danièle Henkel, Louis Vachon and Chantal Carrier.

In its first years of operations, the organization held and carried out various projects such as Christmas stocking collections for underprivileged children, a mission called School in Vietnam to do research on ethnic minorities in Vietnam, activities within the framework of Conferences & Passions with Kim Thúy, Jennifer Jones.

In 2016, the organization created its film production subsidiary UniAction Films to raise awareness of social issues through the production of documentaries, short films and capsules. The first project is a trilogy on the integration of boat people Indochinese refugees (Une nuit sans lune, 2016), French colonization (Coming Home, 2021) and an attempt for people’s reconciliation (2023).

In February 2020, UniAction obtained the status of recognized charitable organization from the Canada Revenue Agency and acquired a century-old building in Sainte-Geneviève with the aim of establishing the UniAction Center. A center that wishes to support newcomers who are in precariousness and a place to disseminate and promote artistic projects with a social impact.

In June 2020, UniAction is launching the Social Impact Film and Art Festival (SIFA Festival) co-founded by Thi Be Nguyen and Sean St-John.


The festival seeks to showcase and recognize the creative work of artists, filmmakers, photographers, non-profit organizations and others in order to raise awareness of social issues around the world, and to propose positive solutions for a better future. The annual festival will particularly recognize creators who have made a positive impact in their community and on global social issues.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors led by our President and Founder is focused into making an impact in society. They are all volunteers offering their strength and knowledge to help the organization reach new heights.

Thi Be Nguyen


Michael Goodman


Bruno Demmerle


Zineb Kouidri


Amina Kalache

Project Director

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